Shahid Rajaee port complex at a glance

Shahid Rajaee port complex, based on exclusive concessions such as unique geographic position at the nearest point to the Strait of Hormuz and the entrance to the Persian Gulf, as well as the short distance from the main intercontinental route of the ships, being located at the intersection of the North-South Transit corridor is considered as the most important gateway to the import and export of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 The huge port complex of Shahid Rajaee is located at the central point of the south of the country coastal strip and in Hormozgan province  has some outstanding points including enjoying more than 2,300 kilometers of maritime border, as well as proximity  with the large industries of the province as well as supporting other country’s manufacturing industries, connection to the international railway network, as well as air, and historic Silk Road, and benefit from the appropriate infrastructures, by these, the port has the largest role in the transportation industry of the country, currently it trades exchange  with the most of famous ports of the world through the world’s leading container lines.

The port of Shahid Rajaee covers about 2400 hectares and handles 100 million tons of cargo per year; it has a capacity of 40 berths, with the largest and most advanced container terminal in the country, and after the opening of the second phase of the development plan of capacity there are 6 million TEU containers a year as well as a large volume of general cargo handling operations, especially steel products, dry bulk, liquid bulk and crude oil products are carried out in this port.

In the recent years, this huge port complex, as the gateway to import and export and regulating the pulse of the country’s economy, has taken more shares in the field of sea transport and moving to globalization.In order to stand in the first place of the region’s ports according to 20 years perspective horizon plan, many Projects have gone into force with the aim of expanding and increasing the efficiency and encouraging the private sector to invest in the port. More than 23,000 trillion Riyals (Iranian) of private sector capital have been invested for the aim yet.

 As a result of the efforts and with a growth of 46 percent among 3500 major ports of the world, Shahid Rajaee port with 28 ascents ranked 44th place from rank 72 in 2011.

The development and completion projects of the second and third basins of the port for the construction of new jetties with a draft of about 17 meters designated for the berthing vessels with a capacity of 150 thousand tons considered as the starting point of new evolution in the port.

 The Joining of 2,400 hectares of the land located at the north part of Shahid Rajaee port and upgrading the port area to 4,800 hectares, providing the establishing a port logistics town for the expansion of export, re-exports and the provision of value added services are among the most important ongoing efforts to join to the third port generation of the world and with its implementation in the near future, the special economic zone of Shahid Rajaee port play the most valuable and most effective role in the economic flourishing and distribution of goods in the region.