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Imports and Exports

Our 6 active international centers and 5 offices across 5 continents are at your fingertips to provide marketing, financial, legal, commercial and industrial services.

Our capable staff in Tehran, Brussel, Antwerp, Frankfurt, Berlin, Toronto, and Melbourne are willing to assist you with obtaining pro forma financial statements, finding new market for your product to export, or expedite import of goods, raw material, consumable, machinery and production line at the lowest price and fastest period.

Legal, Arbitration and International

The focus of our experienced experts is on providing the highest quality service.

Financial advice

Our experienced financial advisors will assist you to secure fund from local and international institutes for a variety of industrial, commercial or production projects.

Their extensive and updated knowledge of the financial market could be your best guide to invest in the most secure and highest return sector.

They are expert in obtaining letter of credits, refinancing approval, variety of licenses and permits for all types of businesses.

Custom Clearance Agency

Our licensed custom brokers will be your representative to prepare and submit documentation to obtain clearance from all government agencies; they also arrange the transshipment of merchandise via trucking companies.

Their experience and knowledge of custom codes in different countries will be your valuable tool to deal with freight forwarders, expeditors, shipping lines and trade authorities

Technical Advisory

Our experienced engineers are able to strengthen the technical side of your proposal by conducting technical studies, helping to meet the requirements to obtain permits and licenses, and advising selection of the most efficient machineries.

Feasibility study

Our expert team are capable of conducting an economic assessment of your proposed plan to justify the strengths of the proposal, highlight the opportunities and lay out strategies to mitigate the risks or threats. They are also able to assist you in every step of dealing with authorities and obtaining permits until achieving the desired result.

Tourism Services

Our tourism department not only organize and plan your business trip efficiently, but also ensures variety of entertainment events in accordance with your interests scheduled in your itinerary; so instead of worrying about visa, transfer, hotel or official schedule, you can enjoy the most out of your visit while attending all the official meetings.


Establishing Iranian Trades Hub

Nama Gostar Persia is committed to play a key role in Iranian economic diplomacy by establishing a robust trade network in Western Asia.

We are an authorized company who are privileged to utilize Bilateral Memoranda of Understanding to initiate and expand Economic Diplomacy Coordination Council with other countries.

Trusted Partners

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