About Chabahar Port

The port of Chabahar is located in southeastern Iran, north of Oman Sea. One of the features that distinguishes it from other Iranian ports and ports in southern coast of Persian Gulf, is its access to international open seas.

Chabahar port, regarding its position, benefits from Geo-political, Geo-economical and Geostrategic potentials. It is located, both in South-North and East. West transit corridors and can play as a transport gateway, as well as a central commercial nod between CIS countries, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia and Europe.

Chabahar port development plan and Inclusion in free trade zones (FTZ) advantages, will be a momentum in development of South-North transit corridor and consequently international trade in the region.

Currently, Chabahar port consists of two port complexes, named Shahid Kalantari port and Shahid Beheshti port. Shahid Kalantari port is a traffic port and the vision of Shahid Beheshti port development is to transform it into a multimodal and forth generation port, Hencem it can play as the regional Hub port.

Generally, shahid beheshti port development plan consists of five main phases, to be completed by the 2024 and nominal capacity of 86 million tones. In this regard, it is estimated that first phase is to be completed by the beginning of 2017, increasing the nominal capacity to over 8.5 million tons annually.

Chabahar port introduction

  • Located in south eastern of Iran in Oman sea ( longitude: 60° 36′ 46” E, Latitude: 25° 18′ 1” N ).

  • The only oceanic port of Iran

  • Entrance gate to the International North-South Corridor and easterm development route ot the country.

  • More than 300 km marine border

  • Minimum transit distances to Afghanistan, Pakistan & middle asia & most economical port in commercial trade for these countries.

  • Important role in international North-South transit Corridor ( INSTC )